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The following details the gathering and configuring of real-time data through SME interviewing, mapping, programming, modeling, connectivity tools, and testing to translate results to user-defined front ends/portals that are used in access, development, analysis,  and application presentation.
2001 - Present - Global Solutions and Various eTraining and Web content delivery companies

Information Management Consulting: Development of process, OLAP/OLTP/RUP/ETL knowledge base/content managmennt, business requirements, functional specifications, SDLC, SDK/application integration and technology interface for client/server, e-commerce portal (EPI) and Internet delivery. 

2000 - RealPage Web Training

Job Description: Solution Architect to research and recommend software, GUI requirements, and methodology for conversion of standup training to web training.

Methodology: Review and test various web applications of ZiffDavis' preferred list of e-trainers. Determined Dreamweaver/CourseBuilder for storyboards and content development, using Flash for interactive elements. Wrote Business Requirements and Functional Specifications for implementation.

1998-99 - Healthware Solutions / CNA Health Partners MSO

Job Description 1: Technical Lead to create functional specifications for full-cycle development of an assisted-living healthcare software application, previously Unix/Oracle to be enhanced and deployed in a client-server environment with Java/XML on a Java Virtual Machine and JDBC classes to access the Oracle database.

Methodology: Analyze existing program using Rational Rose modeling. Combine beta client recommendations, HL7/healthware/insurance industry guidelines and developer requirements to create XML schema (element data values) templates for Jbuilder / documentation use.

Data values for GUI display included screen prompts representing user requirements and help tips for application use.

Job Description 2: Develop a simple document tracking system for all text-based items.

Methodology: Gather user requirements from seasoned change management specialist. Use Access97 to build proprietary application with Administrator (database maintenance) and User (document owner/approver) modules.

1998 - Ernst & Young

Job Description: Documentation Lead to develop GUI text standards and one-source online help within full-cycle development of MS C++ / ActiveX tax compliance software.

Methodology: Research and map current manual practices and external object store database interface requirements. Test and download developing application into context-sensitive RoboHelp utility to write directly to elements within the object oriented environment.

1997 - IBM Global Services / Lucent Technologies

Job Description 1: Team Lead to develop curriculum / training materials for SAP FI /CO, R/3 implementation.

Methodology: Analyze existing legacy and PC applications using subject matter experts (SME's) and proprietary mapping tools. Create process-centric training modules, working closely with testing, configuration, application integration tools (e.g. MQSeries, Mercator) and interface (e.g. Bank Lock Box) teams to ensure results contained real-time enhancements.

1997 - Mountaisia Entertainment

Job Description: Project Lead to develop marketing reports based on customer responses at entertainment sites.

Methodology: Outsource development of card reader for customer response cards. Create Access database with fields to accept results. Download responses to ASCII file. Import raw data into database. Use SQL query language to bring real-time data into Excel-based reports.

1996 - IBM Education and Training

Job Description: Documentation Lead to develop performance support cue cards as online help for VisualAgeä TeamConnection - a software configuration change management system.

Methodology: Research and analyze functionality through program use. Combine customer (IBM programmers) requirements and software lab training data to write online help. Use IBM's OS/2 intervention engine tool to create markup tags for on-screen performance support cards.

1996 - CD Group, Inc.

Job Description: Final Editor for complete set multi-media CBT JDEdwards training modules.

Methodology: Utilize IconAuthor, proprietary Electronic Performance Support System (EPSS) Insightä workbench, multi-media testing tools and Access to review and edit all content. (Major re-writing of materials required.)

1995 - Allegiance (BAXTER) Healthcare Corp.

Job Description: Team Lead to automate US Distribution Division monthly financial reporting.

Methodology: Review legacy/mainframe data directly within GLM (General Ledger) and AIS (P&L Area Information System) applications. Identify line items required for reporting through SQL Server and ODBC connectivity. Apply Microsoft Query language and Visual Basic to correctly capture real-time data and import into macro-enhanced Excel spreadsheets.

1988-90 - Dun & Bradstreet

Job Description: Department Head for IT Competitive Intelligence at Corporate Office to partner with RBOCS (Baby Bells), telecom organizations and lobby groups on information provision management. (In view of MFJ - Modified Final Judgement - information ruling.)

Methodology: Interrogate all divisions (national & international) re issues. Develop database to report inclusive contact/issue/proposal information via weekly polling of principals. Develop and maintain information brokering resource library. Plan and coordinate electronic information conferences in NYC and DC.


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